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Requesting GDPR Compliance Adjustments/Audit and General Customization
Hello, as the title suggests I will be two "main" services carried out...  

  • GDPR Compliance adjustments and/or auditing completed for my MyBB installation on shared website hosting. All the way from the information that the forum would be collecting, consenting, and so on. As WELL as being to produce consent and whatever else the ICO may request from me at any time easily as I heard they need it produced within 48 HOURS 
  • General customization outside of making the community GDPR compliance as required. Mainly to monetize my MyBB platform to maintain it and to turn a profit from it. As well as making my setup "nice" and not just a default "mess".  
Now that I laid the basics on the table here is the in depth of the happenings...  

I am looking to produce a "general" online market place forum that is "safe for work" and friendly for most audiences. I will not go into too much further details given this is the public internet. But if you need anything specific regarding how I intend to run this place you are more than welcomed to PM me and I may respond to your request(s).  

Here are some the "qualifications" that I am looking for someone to have for this work order...  
  • As this will be based on the GDPR you must understand and know how to applies this in a technical sense on a SHARED hosting provider. While still maintaining relationships with the EU and everyone else following it (I will be not taking the "easy way out" of firewalling them out for obvious reasons).  
  • Flexible, able to adapt and understanding.  
  • Account able for your own as well as any 3rd parties your using to conduct this with me such as your own ISP
  • The customization provided must be made available to me at the time of completion/closure as applicable of the order. In a manner that I would be able to "pull anyone off the streets" to service the customization other than yourself should I feel I need another/difference person(s) for whatever reason(s).   

You may offer up at what quotation/dealing your looking for generally speaking over PMs please! But I have a few requirements.  
  • Must be easily done, meaning I shouldn't have to pay you in Bitcoins or use some awkward payment processor like Skrill where you have to sign up just to "pay" for something. As examples of course.  
  • Must be at "good and services" or similar payments not "friends and families" rates INCLUSIVE. Meaning if you said you will do it for "this much" then "this much" MUST include the rate of the work order PLUS any processing fees. NOT telling me "well then you will be charged x/x% more".  
  • To go with the above there must be no "hidden" fees, strings and/or etc involved. Meaning if your going to do it within x weeks for y cost then there must not be a z at the middle/etc of the dealing UNLESS it's significantly differ from this posting.   
  • When/how it will works. Do you want it paid in full after it's done? Half way through I pay half then you do the other half and I pays the rest? etc etc etc?   
Thanks in advance!
--- OP reported that above requirement was fulfilled ---

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