Suggestion for Extend MyBB
I'm not sure the best place to post this so this seems like the most appropriate area. I have a simple suggestion for the current Extend MyBB site:

Give authors the option to automatically create a new thread when submitting a plugin/theme/translation/etc... and link to that thread for support.

Basically add a checkbox to the current form when submitting a new project that will automatically create a new thread in the correct "release" forum and link to it from the project so authors can use that thread for support.

I just find it a bit weird that I can add plugins to Extend MyBB without needing approval (probably because I've submitted some in the past) but I need to wait for approval for my thread to appear in Plugin Releases which is where I'd like to handle support for my project instead of linking to my own forums which isn't convenient for a lot of MyBB users.

Just a thought to make people's lives a bit easier (authors won't have to create a new thread for each project, staff don't have to manually approve each new thread for each project, and users can stay within the site to get support). Wink
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