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Not Solved Wierd stuff happening to my forum
Not Solved
so i wanted to reinstall mybb because it was a mess ! so when i reinstalled it ( for sure i got 4 different kind of backups before doing that ) 
it got wierd ! 
the main url is showing the forum that i replaced it with new one and when i select anything it turns to new installtion ! 
check out            Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh

so i deleted everything to reinstall and before reinstalling i refreshed my page and found out that its a cache or something but it does not go away at all ! 
even in different browsers/computers/mobiles ! 
can it be from cloudflare ?

i got sure that is from cloudflare because i put it in dev mode and it got ok !
Not Solved
Caching is great, until you need to troubleshoot something. Big Grin Glad you figured it out. Smile
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