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I see this template was modified in 1816

Why does last visit have class postbit_buttons on it ?

<td width="45%" class="{$bgcolor}"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/buddy_{$status}.png" title="{$lang->$status}" alt="{$lang->$status}" style="vertical-align: middle;" /><a href="{$user['profilelink']}"><strong>{$user['username']}</strong></a></td>
<td width="30%" class="{$bgcolor}"><span class="smalltext">{$scopelist}</span></td>
<td width="15%" class="{$bgcolor}"><div class="postbit_buttons">{$user['lastvisit']}</div></td>
<td width="5%" class="{$bgcolor}"><div class="postbit_buttons">{$emailcode}</div></td>
<td width="5%" class="{$bgcolor}"><div class="postbit_buttons">{$pmcode}</div></td>
What goes around comes around
It uses same style for button as for postbit... it is used because of uniformity.
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