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[For 1.8] Emerald Extended [Multicolor, Modern & Responsive | Incorporated Premium Plugins]
(2020-05-25, 11:49 AM)AreaZ Wrote: I sent your account details in PM x)

Edit: AmazOuz helped me and found a solution ! Thank you, nice support :-)

[Image: Prez.png]
(2020-05-26, 03:48 PM)DraakoorHD Wrote: Hey AmazOuz,

I bought dark emerald extend yesterday.
The theme is really nice but can you help me to fix this?

The quick replay is not black and you can't read the text.
Can you tell me where I can change it?

I replied via PM Wink

Please don't post any support stuff here as it is a sales thead, you can always PM me or send a mail or SMS in whatsapp or Skype, or create a thread in our forums.
[Image: Prez.png]
New update coming VERY VERY soon Wink
There will be a small update (Emerald Extended v1.1) which will have small edits of the theme & this will be free for all buyers of Emerald Dark or Light.
The new version Emerald Extended v2.0 will have more functions & improvement, will be available for those who bought the Light+Dark package for a discount of 50%. (I wanted to give it for free)
[Image: Prez.png]

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