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Not Solved Installing myBB onto Wordpress website
Not Solved

we're working for a client who would like to have a forum on her Wordpress website - she wanted to have myBB on it. We have never used myBB until now and are having troubles installing it.

We first tried via FileZilla, which didn't work, and since the website is hosted on Cloudways, we also followed their installation guide. Our second attempt was with installing the WP File Manager plugin in Wordpress - we were succesfull with importing the "Upload" folder to the website, but now we're not noticing anything happening or the options to add/edit myBB, for lack of a better phrasing.

So, our question is - how can we integrate myBB in Wordpress to be able to create a forum for our client?

Thank you in advance!
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You have to install MyBB in a subdir of your WP, and think to change the .htaccess (or any nginx rule) to exclude this subdir from the WP rewrites rules
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What do you mean by integrate ? If you want to use the same login, I think there is someone on this forum who has a custom plugin made for the purpose. I don't think it is available for download on this site.

As for installing MyBB, it is just like installing other popular forum software.
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Wordpress' htacces will cause problems for MyBB if installed in a subfolder, so do as Crazycat suggests. A subdomain may even be better than a subfolder.
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Thanks guys, we'll give it a try! Smile

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