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Modifying Default MyBB Editor Box Functions
Moderators: I am not 100% if this post goes in this forum. If it does not, please move it to the appropriate forum.

Can anyone give me suggestions on how I can accomplish the same kind of functionality that the default MyBB theme editor, here on, does with those 2 functions as shown in the first screenshot?

The first screenshot is straight from forum at THIS THREAD.

How about adding another function? The 'Copy' function button. Can this be added as well? 

As shown in the second screenshot, there is no right side scroll bar. 

Please give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this. 

[Image: b52a60529a1350985dc94c15cb2c7d50.png]

This was tested on my website using the default MyBB theme. (NOTE: The background and few items on the website's MyBB default theme were colorized, otherwise it is the same as the default MyBB theme)

[Image: a4e8a1ea39f3748918da9b8a4dd47175.png]
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