Not Solved Changing from default theme to BootBB or Emerald reduces functionality?
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Is that normal that some options are unavailable when swapping to other theme? (In my case BootBB and Emerald)

Is there an easy fix? Am I missing something?

That is very newbie question.

Many plug-ins have been downloaded on my test board. Differences are the following:

- New themes seems to miss "Award icon on the front page".
- Announcements are gone.
- There are no likes received or given in a profile description.
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You should manually add the plugin's template string.
Award icon must be added on the header template, likes instead on the postbit template.
Just find the string on the default theme and copy paste to the new tempalte.
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After installing a new theme, you need to disable and enable plugins so that they can add their stuff to the templates.

Some plugins will only work correctly with the default theme. In some cases, an effort needs to be made by the theme author or plugin author to make them work in other themes.

There is information in BootBB Installation document about some plugins like Thankyou/Like, MyAlerts, MentionMe. To make them work with the theme.

I do not know what you mean by "Awards icon". On my forum I use "Board Announcements Manager" and it works with BootBB.
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(2019-07-29, 10:22 AM)panayot Wrote: I do not know what you mean by "Awards icon".

After installation of the Award module you get an icon/link to Award section on the Default module.

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