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Can you give me hosting?
(09-27-2019, 12:00 PM)Morinmote1 Wrote: Hey buddy,

First of all, I will suggest you not to use free web hosting.

The real facts about free web hosting are:

1. Hidden cost: They are offering so many facilities and services but when you purchase it then they will charge you as per your need.
2. Lack of security: Once they sold their product they will not giving security to your date,the result is we can lose our data.
3. Zero support: They will not give any customer support at right ht time with the right solution. Finally, you will get fade up with their services.

If you want a cheap web host then I will suggest you to go with hostinger .com. They are super cheap and majority of web hosting reviews websites recommend it Nowadays.

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It's hard to run such kind of forum on free hosting. Security speed and uptime matters a lot. Free hosting are fine for trial or learning purpose not for serious webmasters.
I have been using 000webhost for several projects, my experience with them is awesome!
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