[Rejected] Newpost template and strange align options
I don't know how to say this so i'll just put ss below:

[Image: WQqzVtk.png]

Does anyone know how to fix that?

I bought a theme from @iAndrew and there was a trouble with editor (i had a source code without a window; no emoticons etc). When i fixed everything what i could there's again something with code in newpost template. Can somebody help me with it?

PS. It work's fine with default style.
The theme is working fine on my site with codebuttons as default and changing the editor theme.
On pinkers site his editor doesn't show at all.

Edit: Newthread and newreply should both be fixed now. I disabled a ton of your plugins so see which are causing it.
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@iAndrew I disabled plugins in options 2 days ago. Toungue

But i thought that i can put smilies in windows on left side. But oryginally in that style there's no such a thing right?

So now it's look how it should be?

[Image: SZgA3xi.png]

Everything's works now. Thanks to iAndrew! Smile
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