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[Rejected] HTML code in Syndication

In the last version of MyBB - 1.8.21 a change has been made to RSS feeds, related issues on GitHub are RSS Syndication: Bugs & Improvements and Syndication.

What I would like to report is the "Include author details" part.

The last update includes a link to the user profile in the <author> part of the feed /RSS 2.0, atom 1.0, json/. It seems like RSS readers can cope with this and display the data correctly, although some RSS readers do not support links so only the name of the author is displayed without the link. (FeedDemon for instance).

The same can't be said about e-mail clients (Thunderbird, outlook), they show HTML tags, wrong user name and wrong link in the "From" part which is the author.

So I've been googling a little bit about atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 specifications and AFAIK they do not support HTML or links in the <author> part of the "code":

We use RSS a lot on our MyBB instance and we also mainly use e-mail clients to get the fresh news so we deleted the last "HTML author" changes on our end.

I just wanted to report this, maybe you should consider deleting the link since not all RSS readers are able to cope with HTML tags in the "author" part  but I'm not an RSS expert. Smile

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