Post Mybb threads from discord
well today i came up with this idea that we post threads and control mybb from discord ! 
posting thread is so possible from discord but i dont have an idea how is it 
like a bot in discord sends a message in a channel and then the message will be posted as a thread in mybb !
channels in discord might be like this
if in mybb we have a category which is called Gaming we gonna have the same category in discord and for each forum under the gaming category a channel with the same name ! 
like this 
Mybb : Gaming
                  Csgo Bugs
                  pubg bugs

Discord : Gaming 
                Csgo bugs
                Pubg bugs
so the messages in discord gonna become threads in mybb and the title of the thread becomes chosen from the first or second line of message in discord !
it would be wonderful if it becomes possible because there are ton of bots in discord that we can use to get good posts from everywhere ! even from your blog or a popular gaming site or something like that . Heart

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