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Looking to hire a server dev
Looking to hire a dev for some work. My server load will go upwards to 50+ at times causing slow page speed and it will last for 5+ hours (has happened two days in a row already)

I need someone to look into this for me. Payment in bitcoin or paypal

Please post me ur discord. Looking for immediate work
I don't use discord a lot, can you send me a PM about this with more information.
I might have some free time today Smile

Solutin for you based on your issue Smile
(Sharing here as it can help others as well)

First - Did you try to enable gzip compression ?
It will be quick and simple solution. But it is effective only to some extent.

Second - Minify your javascript and css as well. Also check if your website is w3c validation compliant.
These things make difference. Set cache expiration as well using htaccess.

Third, use a preparser cache plugin. What that will do is make your forum memory cleaner as it will optimize your query, so boom Smile

Try this for a few days and do some testing as well.

Cheers, have a good day.
Thanks WallBB, I will be making a few of those changes as you've said, but I believe the problem goes deeper.

I am still looking to hire a developer for this job

Please check PM.


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