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Tourist destinations in Quang Ngai 'beautiful and sad'

Not only famous for the 'paradise in the open sea' Ly Son, Quang Ngai also captivates visitors by many beautiful landscapes and attractions such as Dung Quat Beach, Sa Huynh Beach, Nature Reserve. Kon Chu Rang, ...

To make your Quang Ngai tour complete and memorable, Latest Quang Ngai Travel Experience view more >>> , immediately pin the famous Quang Ngai tourist destinations below.

1. Ly Son Island
[Image: du-lich-quang-ngai.jpg.webp]
Ly Son Island is one of Quang Ngai's must-visit tourist destinations. This place is known as paradise in the middle of the sea or the kingdom of onions, delicious garlic known near and far.

The beauty of Ly Son Island has a very strong attraction with pristine beaches, clean green, lush green garlic fields. Moreover, this place also brings together a lot of historical relics such as Hang Pagoda, Ba Chua Ngoc Temple, Hang Cau, King wells, ... and many very "virtual" living spots such as To Vo Gate, Thoi Lon Peak, Mu Cu island, ...

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2. Dung Quat Beach

Located about 70 km from the center of the town, Dung Quat beach is known as a place to develop the petroleum industry as well as a potential Quang Ngai tourist destination. Coming here, visitors will admire the wild and vast natural beauty with poetic, peaceful beaches that not everywhere can be found.

3. Sa Huynh salt field

Traveling to Quang Ngai, it would be a mistake if you miss the experience of visiting Sa Huynh salt field. This is a large salt bar of the Central region, located in Pho Thanh commune, Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai. Tour du lich, The beauty of the Sa Huynh salt fields has long become a "material" that creates many unique works of art, captivating the souls of travelers. Here you will see firsthand the salt fields one after another, dotted with countless white salt dunes and the scene of salt farmers who are busy harvesting salt.

3. Sa Can seaport

Sa Can estuary is the intersection between the sea and the calm Tra Bong river. It brings the poetic beauty of nature and the bustle and idyllicity of the fishing village people. Therefore, Sa Can estuary is always a attractive destination for tourists in Quang Ngai. Coming here, you can not only see the beauty of nature, but also witness the bustling gathering of ships. In addition, Sa Can Beach is very close to the beautiful beaches in Quang Ngai such as Khe Hai beach, Rang beach, Paradise beach, ...

4. Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve

Founded in 2004, located in the territory of three provinces of Gia Lai, Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai, Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve is a beautiful paradise for trekking devotees. The reserve has a total area of 15,446 ha, du lich the gioi, with extremely diverse ecosystems with more than 1,000 species of plants and animals and a variety of rare and precious timber and animals. Moreover, this place also owns many beautiful scenes that visitors fascinate, especially the billowing waterfalls, including K50 waterfall to over 50m high.

5. Minh Long Waterfall Quang Long tourist area

One more interesting tourist destination in Quang Ngai that you should pin right into your travel handbook is the Minh Long white waterfall tourist area. This place is only about 35km from the city center, located in Minh Long district. The main highlight is the waterfall with high slope, clear water and charming nature. Coming here, visitors will enjoy the relaxing moments between the mountains, and there are countless beautiful angles for you to take pictures and live virtual.

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