[For 1.8] Post preview on threadlist
Posted another nice example of what you can accomplish + code. Smile
What is URL of your board?
[MyBB 1.8 Czech translation] [MyBB 1.8 plugins]: Prune old PMs + optimize DB plugin --- Thank you/like system
I don't currently have one online, that screencap is from a local server. I am working on getting one live for forumonic but not sure when that will happen.
I didn't get it work either Sad
I put the link of the js on the footer, the line modification on the template and the css but nothing happened.

You can check it out here
I just checked, its working fine there:

[Image: screen.gif]
Thats... weird... I recently check on a clear chrome browser (normally I use Opera) and nothing... maybe it's a caché thing so maybe I just need to wait to see results
Hi Mixy,

I also experienced it not working on your forum and it seems to be Google translate that causes it, if you turn off translation it fixes it. You can fix this little bug by changing the event handler to something like this (simply adding [data-preview-post] * to the selector):

$(document).ready(function () {
    $("[data-preview-post], [data-preview-post] *").hover((e) => {
    }, () => {

This should fix it for translation purposes.
Hi. Sorry for my English. How to display only pictures from a post without a description? For example, the first 5 pictures. I will be grateful for the help
Hello Harry K.,
thanks for the tutorial!
Unfortunately I have the problem that the white box opens on Mouse Over, the box says "Loading Preview" - nothing happens after that and the box remains white...
Can you help me please?

THX in advance!
Hi Harry ,

i follow your tutotial but still facing this error , i just want to know where i am making mistak

[Image: Hjwlfh9.jpg]

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