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Not Solved [How To?] Plugins Don't show up in admin panal
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When i login to admin panel , i don't see plugins list there , can someone help me out with this.

I added the screen shot below , so you will know whats the issue.
Can someone help me to let me know what is the issue here.

[Image: 7798ab4e15.png]
Not Solved
In which folder are you adding the plugins?
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seems a plugin you installed it's making this.

Try to rename (through your FTP program) the different plugins folder, to see wich one it's causing it.

In your inc/plugins folder you have:

Yo rename the first one folder to NicePlugin_OLD and check again if you could see the plugins list (remember to clear ache of the browser pressing CTRL + F5)

If it keeps the same, check with the second folder (OtherPlugin) and keep searching.
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Not Solved
It could be a plugin which makes an error and blocks the loading of the page.
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