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Not Solved Text box shows only on half, copy/paste error
Not Solved
MYBB Version: 1.8.21
Theme: Emerald V1.6

Hello! I have a problem. The text box appears only on half of the box, I have tried to resize it but no result, it just goes bigger but the actual text-box remains the same size. Also, if I want to copy something and create a new topic/reply and paste it, it doesn't work, it just shows a bunch of html codes. Furthermore, the editor sometimes doesn't work properly, it suddenly starts to show HTML codes (not BBCodes) or it doesn't take the command, it's such a mess. When I press to see the source code I can barely see something because it appears only in two rows, and it shows HTML not BBCode. I have tried to change the editor, to install a new one but no result. Can someone please help me? Thanks. 

[Image: dovada1.png]

[Image: dovada2.png]

[Image: dovada3.png]
Not Solved
Go to the ACP in the theme section, select your theme and scrolling to the bottom you can change the editor and choose the most compatible with your theme.
Not Solved
Seems not... Seems an out-dated theme/template problem. Try if any fixes:

Upgrade your theme (recommended)
Or manually fix the editor problem
Could be wrong but worth a try.

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