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Not Solved [How To?] Modifying the WhosOnline Section
Not Solved
Hi all,

I am trying to modify my WhosOnline section so that it will display the amount of staff member's online but remove them from counting towards the members online count.

Online Member's

There is currently 1 Member online

x Staff Member(s) | 1 Member(s) | 0 Guest(s)


I'd like to it show:

Online Member's

There is currently 1 Member online

1 Staff Member(s) | 0 Member(s) | 0 Guest(s)

Is there some way I can change the parameters (or Variables? Unsure of the correct term) to specify certain groups or this currently impossible?

Cheers Smile
Not Solved
As far as I know, based on current template index_whosonline and code script ./index.php, your desired page might not possible. But you probably replace the who's online on the index page by:
  1. Create a plugin, in which hook the index_start with your code to produce a variable holding the whole who's online section. Of course, default template variables can be used.
  2. Modify your templates (may including index) to output the variable set up in previous step. You can process this step through the plugin as well.
  3. Disable the built-in who's online in ACP > Board Settings.
  4. Install and active your plugin.

An existing plugin showing an extra section of Online Today could be your reference.
Could be wrong but worth a try.

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