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Dice Roller Mycode
Hi, I was wondering if this plugin, Dice Roller Mycode, is still up to date with the current version?

I tried installing it on my forum, but it doesn't explain too much in-detail of how to use it properly (although, it could my my fault if I'm not understanding it correctly). If it still works, how do I properly applied this plugin/mycode?
I don't think it has been updated for some time, better send a message to plugin owner if he can verify that.
In terms of installation, it should be similar to how you install google SEO since this plugin uses Plugin Library.
I found a simple fix a while back, when I realized it wasn't being actively maintained:

Basically on 1.8+ it creates a code tag posting error, unless the php file for the plugin is edited as I link above.

As for a general how to use the plugin, that is contained in the plugin settings, it runs along D&D style dice. 

Though as WallBB mentioned, you'll need plugin library installed for this to work:

You can also create mycodes to compliment this, so that if someone does [roll=dicename], it would roll the same as [roll]dicename[/roll] :
Short Description
Regular Expression
Replacement *
There is also a dice roller template, so you could implement something like this and add a dice image:
<div align="center"> <img src="/images/dice/roll.png"> Rolling <strong>{$alias}</strong> {$dice}: $rolls {$offset} $sum $results $resources</div>
I'm using this plugin for a rpg board and when we use the [code][ /code] tag to gave easy access for their coding, it parses "{diceroller-code}" instead when they didn't even roll the dice. And same issue for [php][ /php] tag.

How can I fix this problem?

edit. okay I saw this post. Thanks and sorry for this post.

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