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Hey everyone. So i am finding ways to make warning users easier in my forum, and I am trying to find a way to enable "anonymous PM" when sending out a warning on by default, that way I dont have to click it everytime
Not Solved
As for as I know, there could be some ways for your idea with MyBB 1.8, as follows:
  • Edit the template of a theme to mark some checkboxes checked and display the text/etc. under those checkboxes by default. Doing this will affect all users using that theme. They'll be displayed with the same pages as you do when they're using warning system and set this theme as their default.
  • Or, find or write a plugin that will attach a function do the job for you to the warnings_do_warn_start hook. warnings_do_warn_end to send an anonymous PM to the warned user. But there might be a lot more work to do to check if a PM is already sent.
  • Or, you might seek some extensions to your browser with the "auto form fill" feature.

For future MyBB 1.9 using the Twig template engine, your request would be fulfilled more conveniently, I suppose.
Could be wrong but worth a try.
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