Fixing XMLParser errors with PHP 8.0.0-dev
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When you are running the 8.0.0-dev version of PHP and you have XML enabled (which is required by MyBB) then you may encounter an issue regarding the class name "XMLParser" that's within the MyBB source files.

This occurs because PHP 8.0.0-dev appears to have a built-in class named "XMLParser" and so the solution is to rename all instances of "XMLParser" within the MyBB source files (not recommended, but this is a local test installation so I'm the only one accessing it).

I chose to run an RHEL 8 compatible operating system (Fedora 30 in this case) within a Vagrant guest where I chose to use /var/www/html as the directory for Nginx to use and this is the command I used to fix the issue:
find /var/www/html/ -type f -exec sed -i 's/XMLParser/cXMLParser/g' {} +

This alleviated the class naming collision and everything was alright from there. I don't recommend doing this on a production installation since this will have the admin area screaming about file verification problems due to this edit.

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I'm psyched to see how Zend will implement their JIT and hopefully the performance increase from that will be comparable to the performance increase of LuaJIT when compared with Lua 5.1 (unless we're talking about LuaJIT2 which is the variant being worked on by the OpenResty team).

Oh and I'll release some tutorials for those wanting to build PHP 8.0.0-dev on an RHEL 8 installation.

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