Not Solved Subscribe and receive emails of new replies = Should it be used?
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I would prefer to have it set so that when people post new threads or replies, they automatically subscribe to emails, which means that the option "Subscribe and receive emails of new replies" is automatically selected (unless the user selects something else). 

However, I see two possible issues with this: 

1. That some of those emails will be marked as spam (since people will receive many of those if they take part in many threads and be annoyed) and that the emails will thereby be considered spam by email companies. That in the end means that all of those emails will go to the spam inbox (even to those that actually wanted the reminders) and that the deliverability for emails from my entire domain (like newsletters, password emails etc) can be affected too since the entire domain will be marked for spam. 

2. It probably isn't legal according to GDPR, since people haven't activity checked a box to receive emails, which GDPR requires.

What is your experience with this? What do you think about this matter?

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