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Automedia buttons not showing
Just upgraded a forum and the images for "amoff" are not showing. I am not sure if this is due to a computer compatibility issue like I'm using iMac and this is an "illegal" character for this or not. Since the "ampl" shows properly I am guessing it's not.

Here is the code in the codebutton templates.

<br />
<span id="amoff" style="font-size:28px;cursor:pointer;margin-right:15px;"  alt="{$amoff}" title="{$amoff}">⛝</span>
<span id="ampl" style="font-size:28px;cursor:pointer;" alt="{$ampl}" title="{$ampl}">♫</span><br /><br />

and a screenshot of what shows in the quick reply box:


and to add to the weirdness, the numbered lines are not there in my css editor in my ACP. Those only show on copy & paste code. Noticed this in my other thread in the upgrade issue forum.

Nothing? anyone?

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