Get a Specific user's avatar Mybb :: Using Template Conditionals
Hey gang, I just figured out how to get a specific user's uploaded avatar using template conditionals.

This has been bugging me forever, I have seen many people ask this question, "How can I get a specific user's avatar?"

This is how you do it using the get_user function, and the template conditionals plugin.

where 1 = the user I.d that you want to pull, for example, the user I.D below is 1

And here you go.

<setvar user1>get_user(1)</setvar>
<img class="my-pic" src="<func htmlspecialchars_uni>{$tplvars['user1']['avatar']}</func>">

Tested and works perfect, what do you think? I'm excited!

The avatar changes when the user changes their avatar. Shows default avatar as well.

Opinions? Feedback? Questions? Suggestions?

*add an img class if you desire, or height and width, now that you have the basics, the possibilities are yours for the making.
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