[Pushed] Insert Vimeo video in message bug introduced in 1.8.21
Hi there

A bug seems to have been introduced in the latest maintenance release 1.8.21 when using the inserting video function for Vimeo in the dropdown.

To reproduce the bug:

Click on the drop down to insert the video and choose the video type for Vimeo. However this is now spelled incorrectly as 'Vemio' and this causes the video to post as a link with the wrong prefix tag text. This stops the Vimeo video appearing automatically as a playable clip in the message/post.

Can you please advise on a workaround to restore Vimeo as the correct name in the dropdown and restore the embedded video for Vimeo as a playable app?

The 'vemio' bug seems to be present in this version here with the incorrect spelling (the embedding has the incorrect tag in the message text - see example of the automated text inserted from the dropdown below in this message):


Manually amending the embedded text to vimeo - fixes the issue but defeats the purpose of the insert shortcut and was already working previously:

See screenshot of the dropdown with the incorrect spelling of 'vemio'

This is known and patched already
(2019-09-16, 07:30 AM)effone Wrote: This is known and patched already

Thank-you for the response.

I see that was in 2016?

It seems that in the latest release 1.8.21, the bug has been reintroduced. It is also present in the toolbar on this community.mybb.com forum as well. If you try to insert a vimeo video you will see the bug. (See attached screenshot)

The previous version was ok.

I have inspected the bbcodes_sceditor.js file on our forum that was copied over following the 1.8.21 update and I confirm it has the wrong spelling of 'Vemio'. So I conclude an old js file has somehow been added into the full distribution of 1.8.21 by mistake.

With your information I have patched our forum by amending the bbcodes_sceditor.js text file manually, but obviously if this remains in the full distribution it will continue to overwrite and re-introduce the bug in any future release on anyone updating their forums.

Many thanks again for your response as it has enabled me to patch the issue.

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It looks like the typo was introduced in 1.8.21 when the included SCeditor was updated and required some additional code to be written on the MyBB side.
The corresponding Issue on GitHub was created ~3 months ago - 6 days after 1.8.21 was released - and the solution (https://github.com/mybb/mybb/pull/3726/files) has been merged into the development version, so the fix should be included in 1.8.22 (Issues for completed and planned changes usually have a specific version Milestone assigned).
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