Not Solved Make certain threads hidden from Guest viewing?
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(2019-09-25, 06:25 PM)Wildcard Wrote: Help me understand and maybe I can help.

You want the thread to be locked, but you don't want it to appear to be locked? Why?
Well, I almost got it to work exactly like I wanted except for one issue...

This is the redirect to the actual thread hiding in the hidden forum:

[Image: d6gLGHJ.png]

I was able to changed "Moved" to "Hidden", then just changed the icon to something more representative. Everything worked perfect, Members could still reply, but Guests weren't able to see inside the thread. The only issue we had (and I just didn't think about it) was that the redirect didn't bump back up to the top or displayed that new, unread threads were available.

To answer your question, I didn't want it to appear to be locked so that Members didn't think it was and simply ignore it. But I worked around that part Toungue

Thanks again for all your help!
Not Solved
I use the Plugin Block Thread by Prefix

So, what it is is that you can literally determine what membergroups can or cannot see which threads with certain prefixes. So, for example, my RP has all threads with an [M] prefix hidden from guest view. They can see the title, and they can see the number of replies and views, but they cannot actually access the thread itself. I love it.
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