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Netpen theme installed on mybb wampserver but images aren't loading
Hi everyone,
I had a mybb project on my PC installed in wampserver....
I uploaded mybb goMobile theme and all worked fine, but when I uploaded and activated netpen theme the images doesn't just show up at all, and don't know much on what to do cause I've checked for mistakes and really can't find.
Any help please?
Try to open one of the images in a new window to see what is the error. You can find the url of the image in src element in the source code of the page.
I tested the images and it showed up properly but doesn't show up on the page at all, I guess maybe the jquery or bootstrap is having issues. Am sure the Css has no problem cause the styles looks like it shows up properly

I also found out that the font awesome i tags in the site were not show at all
If images show properly outside of the page, then I am not sure what is the problem. Since it is on your local computer I cannot test it myself as well I guess. Is the forum visible from the Internet?

If you using https, make sure that images also are loaded through https.

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