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I have the problem when I sign up and get an e-mail that this does not work. I currently use
SMTP but that does not work. I can only get emails with my domain. If I use one from
gmail, it will not arrive. That may be due to my e-mail hoster. I wanted to try PHP mail now
and wanted to ask how I can do that.

my forum: https.//
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You don't need to provide any settings if you are using PHPmail, it will send by default.
Some host have restriction for PHPmail that it will work only if you have an email associated with the domain.

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Hi @WallBB ,
Thank you for the information. It works now. But only if I indicate a domain from my server. If I use an email from Gmail, no email will arrive.

[email protected]

[email protected]
(does not arrive)

Is that because of where I hosted my domain? Or is that the forum?

With best regards:
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AFAIK, Gmail will try to check your server's PTR (reverse DNS) record, and will give you a 550 response if fails.

Check your server's mail logs to see what the Gmail server's response is.

Also, you may check following articles:
Could be wrong but worth a try.

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