Not Solved MyBB Skins Released...
Not Solved
I just wanted to add a tid bit of information in on the skins i have just released.

If any graphic is needed such as buttons and etc... is needed, please feel free to PM me with the request and i will make it up for you. There will come a time when i release the workable fireworks and photoshop copies of all the buttons and headers to the graphics section of the downloads here at MyBB Mods... but that time will be in the distant future... when i can put everything together into a step by step method instead of the all clustered files i have now.

Also in the future (soon) i will be releasing the MyBB theme files with the moderator column taken out and the portal fully skinned. Im hoping to do this with RC2 and all future versions of MyBB.

Also, if you happen to come by any "errors" within my skins... please notify me by posting or PM here at MyBB Mods and the problem will be taken care of immediatly.


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