I need custom coded invite plugin(read below)
So i'm looking for someone that can code me a custom invitation plugin for like 70£
So basically i'm going to try and explain how I want it to work. For example I have a paid user group called "VIP"
VIP should be able to generate invitations every 6 months(I want to be able to change settings for each usergroup at acp). My registered group should be able to generate 0 invitations.
So when a guy purchase let's say 1 month subscription and gets upgraded to VIP then the days will start counting. after 1 month of VIP they will get moved back to "registered"
but the days until he can generate the invitation will still be active. And after 5 months it will say like "1 invitation available" But since he is in the group "registered"
he needs to be in VIP to actually generate the invitation. So basically so fast as a user get moved to VIP the "days" will start counting. And even if he is in registered group for 5 months
the "days" will still count and to generate the invitation he needs to be in "VIP" I hope you understand what I mean. sorry for my bad english
but english isn't my native language :3 for questions or further info hit me up on discord: Olivia#2662

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