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Not Solved [General] Mobile registration dissappears off side of page
Not Solved
Registration page on mobile dissappears of side of page.

I am using the focusresponsive theme from wallbb. 

When a user goes to register on mobile, the registration page dissappears off the side of the page and there appears to be no way to scroll back to see it.

They can still register but some will not because the options are off the side of the page. It just looks naff.

Any idea how to fix this to display on mobile properly? 

I have also posted on the wallbb forum but delays in responding.

Thanks a lot.

NB No screenshot.  It just dissappears off side of page.  See here :
Not Solved
So there's lacking of a horizontal scroll bar?
Worth a try.
Not Solved
I'm not seeing that on Galaxy S8 standard browser.
I see the rules screen, when I click I Agree it takes me to the registration form.
Don't do it for me, teach me how to do it myself.
Not Solved
Hi, have you managed to fix the problem?
Not Solved
@Steve: Thanks for posting this on WallBB forums, this will be fixed in next update of Focus theme.

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