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Privacy: Strip metadata from images
Cameras and mobile phones tend to save a lot of unnecessary data in images like the model data, the specs of the camera, etc. Some are even said to save the current GPS co-ordinates of the phone. It might be good to strip this data from uploaded images to help protect people's privacy.
That is interesting and I think it can be a great addition as a plugin.
* Considering metatags is a good idea!
But ... Removing any metatags from an image means that you need to use (PHP or any other script) functions to rewrite the image - this will cause data manipualtion! Futhermore rewriting a JPEG image with compression may end up in image manipulation.
* Considering manipulation is no good idea!

The better way is to just inform the user that there are invisible metatags inside the image about to be uploaded. This can be realized with a plugin acting as a bypass to check for metatags.

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