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Not Solved [How To?] Mass create forum structure
Not Solved
I couldn't find this by searching, so I was wondering if there was a way to upload a spreadsheet or CSV to mass create a forum tree structure? I need to create country-specific forums under their regions. And to continue doing it by the "Copy Forum" method is going to take me weeks to get it done.  If anyone has any way to do this, or even any suggestions, it would be MUCH appreciated.

-- Matt
Not Solved
Hi Matt,

You may use SQL to batch insert forums manually.
For example:
INSERT INTO mybb_forums (fid, name, description, type, pid, parentlist, active, open) VALUES
(6,	'Forum Title X',	'Forum Description X',	'f',	5,	'5,6',	1,	1),
(7,	'Forum Title Y',	'Forum Description Y',	'f',	5,	'5,7',	1,	1);

These are all mandatory fields for a new forum to be inserted into the database.
All the rest of fields/parameters can be on default values (check with your default definitions or add all relevant fields).
This example will create two new forums "f" with ID "6" and "7", active and opened, located under the parent forum ID "5".

Mind the fid (unique Forum ID) and the parentlist (Parent Forum ID [comma] unique Forum ID)!
If you have some programming skills and a source file with all the forums you wish to add, you can simply script a five line PHP code to create that SQL automatically with increasing ID's.

After running SQL manually, you need to refresh the cache in ACP to make the forum list updated and available.


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