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[For 1.8] Excessum v2 MyBB Forum Theme | Responsive - MD Exclusive
(2020-03-20, 07:06 PM)hamburgers Wrote: Turns out the price doubling was an error on my part due to my trying to translate currency's and text wrong lol, i am very sorry.
I officially own this style now, and I must say aside from the style itself, bilsoft worked with me for hours trying to find a way to purchase with the currency transfer,
Bilsoft IS BY FAR WITHOUT QUESTION the best developer i have ever met or had the pleasure of working with, there were some minor errors after installing with translations and he fixed every single one of them.

I would recommend him to absolutely anyone anytime anywhere.

Bilsoft I cannot give you a 10/10 in good conscious.

You sir get a 100/10.

thank you very much for your choice, I hope we will have the opportunity to work again on a different project.  Heart
Edited Post: Fixed scroll bar in editor myself <3

Still in love everytime i look at the style lol
ModCP / Banned List is not formatting correctly.

		<title>{$mybb->settings['bbname']} - {$lang->ban_banned}</title>
		<div class="page_header">
		<div class="mod_cp">
			<div class="mod_cp_content">
				<div class="modcp_block tborder">
					<div class="modcp_head thead">{$lang->ban_user}</div>
					<div class="modcp_wrap">
						<div class="modcp_cat tcat" style="flex: 1">{$lang->username}</div>
						<div class="modcp_cat tcat" style="flex: 0 0 30%" align="center">{$lang->reason}</div>
						<div class="modcp_cat tcat mob_hide" style="flex: 0 0 25%" align="center">{$lang->ban_length}</div>
						<div class="modcp_cat tcat tab_mob_hide" style="flex: 0 0 20%">{$lang->ban_bannedby}</div>
(2020-04-10, 03:21 AM)hamburgers Wrote: ModCP / Banned List is not formatting correctly.

We have a support line for this kind of situation, or you could send it via private message. It's not right for you to return to the subject of sale in this way.

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