last icon in the last poster on the main forums. * fixed *
I finally got it working now Big Grin

It been already done by me Big Grin

I found a bug that caused a broken image because someone do not use a post icon
so i fixed it. I added a note in instructions.

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It's not a bad idea, but I've found that people don't tend to use post icons that often any more. I suppose it varies from forum to forum.
I'll see if I can install it on my test board when I get chance in a few hours. I can't do it right now, as I'm ading the final touches to the site upgrade and preparing for the upload. In the meantime, could you post link 224 of index.php so as I can see what the error is referring to?

As this is now a "work in progress", this thread has been moved to the "Authors" forum.

Thanks. Smile
I delete my posts in this topic because I got my mod working now without anyone's help....

sorry to annoy you Sad

Thanks Big Grin

I will upload my mod tonite.

(That i a horrible category font :p )
fixed a bug Smile

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