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Not Solved [General] Random IP banning - New users cant make accounts
Not Solved
So I am having 2 general issues with my board -

1) For some reason, random IPs will get banned in the "Banning" in ACP, forcing me to remove them myself. I do not really have any "anti-spam" plugin enabled, but I do have some deactivated/uninstalled, but I am not entirely sure what is causing this. -- I believe this is from PURGE SPAMMER function actually. However, this ends up banning Cloudflare IPs

2) If I set 1 IP per registration per user, this will also affect brand new users visiting my board trying to register. I am not sure if there is a plugin interfering with this as well

Any help would be appreciated.

Note that I do also have a good amount of plugins in my board, which all are effective for me, but none seem like they should interfere with these issues (These problems have been happening for months now, but I just now decided to make a thread)
Not Solved
If MyBB assigns Cloudflare IPs to all users, try setting Scrutinize User's IP address? to Yes (Configuration → Settings → Server and Optimization Options).

Ideally, this should be resolved at the web server level to store valid addresses in access logs, etc.: (if using shared hosting, the provider should be able to install what's needed). (DF3A 34D9 A627 42E5 BC6A 6750 1F2F B8AA 28FF E1BC) ▪

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