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Hey everyone, I am sure this has been answered, but I can't find it. I am new to MyBB forums and looking for a way to change the sub-forum icons that are added automatically. Can someone point me to a tutorial of some kind?
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Subforum icons are consolidated in a sprite image - so each icon is just part of one single image file.
See: ./images/mini_status_sprite.png

If you want to change these icons, just edit this file and create your own icons.

To further break into subforum icons and styling:
CSS is used to set the icon as a background image as well as positioning the single icon from the sprite image.
To break into CSS for this sprite image, have a look at the following CSS definition in global.css:
and you'll see the background-image and the background-positions set for each of subforum icons.

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Thanks for the reply....So if I understand you all sub-forum icons are part of one png file? With that being said I don't really want to change the icon set, I just want to be able to choose what icon shows up for a particular subforum.

If you explained how to do that, I apologize...I am not understanding....again new to mybb forums.
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Old tutorial but it will work


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