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[For 1.8] Bump Thread
Theoretically it would create an issue with the thread read status unless the plugin author handles that by changing the thread read time to the same time as the bumped time.
This is the intended effect.
You click /bump/ and other users have your thread as unread. The same effect will be when you create the post with 'bump' as content.
Or I misunderstood the problem here?
Best regards, Peter.
PHP Developer.

#gitlab #myplugins
You could argue that it is a feature and I would buy it, yes. The issue I mentioned is related to the following line (there might be more places, like in search results, etc):

The last post date in the forum thread list is taken from the thread table, which once you compare to the last post date (when viewing a post directly from the show thread page, for example) might not match. This I would consider a bug, not a feature.

Not like I would suggest not to use your plugin, it is always nice to have different approaches for the same feature.

@Sharree seems to accept this caveat due to his big board. if I was ever to fix this issue for this plugin, I would probably hook at forumdisplay_before_thread (once you know the $tids list) to overwrite the lastpost value for each thread in the $threadcache array with fresh DB values from the posts table. (Though @Sharree issue was probably fixable by simply adding an index for the lastpostbump column.)
Thanks. I'm not an expert on the MyBB.
In the first post, you can find the link to Gitlab. The project is open, so please feel free to create an issue and PR for it.
Best regards, Peter.
PHP Developer.

#gitlab #myplugins

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