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Not Solved make a fresh forum with my last database
Not Solved
Thanks for all now, you did a great job.

The database has customization with a number of plugins which were not deactivated and uninstalled, so there is a lot of extra stuff in the database and themes.
Before I make a database backup all plugins where deactivated (not uninstalled), I guess the given problems became from the database tables from those plugins that not where uninstalled.

The problem with having to login with every admin change is because the live forum runs in the root directory of public_html, and the test forum runs from a folder in the root directory.
The test forum has nothing to do with my major forum, it is just a test forum as how it must look like after I finished the upgrade from the major forum from 1.6 to 1.8. No files or database from my major forum has been add in this testforum. Only the forum that you can enter on will be the right forum.
Later on today I am gonna test if I can login and stayed login in the admin on the major forum after I clean up my cookies.

What I did is:
- deactivate all plugins
- make a back up from database
- run the upgrade (this gave problems, so I decided to start with a clean forum on the same place
- delete the whole public-html files (where my old forum was running)
- add a clean working mybb 1.3 version
- put back the database and the upload map
- this gave problems and you helped me (big thanks).

My plan was:
- delete all files
- start with a clean 1.3 version
- import the database
- update step by step from mybb 1.6 to 1.8.21
- add the theme I use in the testversion (comeback version) (
- add the forum icon plugin with all the images I used in the comeback version
So on the same place where now my forum run there will also run the updated version

It is easier for you to make the save the change in AdminCP than to simply change the db entry because the old settings still reside in settings.php

Also need to fix the bburl setting to the same path. Instead of it should point to
This is just the testforum, there is no link between my major forum and this (only the lay-out that I wanne use in the major forum.

Once the two forums are running separately, conversion can begin on the clean installs to 1.8.21. I'd suggest then (after conversion of the database) to delete the extra tables associated with the plugins, and to delete extra table fields associated with the plugins. It's all a bit tricky, such that there's no way to give you a step-by-step.
I think I can compare the extra tables with a clean version and when they are not in the clean version I can delete them in the running updated version (after update from 1.6 to 1.8.21
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