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Not Solved [Error Message] MyBB Error (44)
Not Solved

I recently Moved my website (forum) to new domain and it worked perfect until I wanted to move the forum to / forum url on domain

Now I get Mybb Error (44) 


I have tried the solution outlined but it does solve my issue 

my site was working before the move to the /forum on domain

If you have Any Advice or information l let me know I will gladly appreciate your help

I will be happy to pay someone if needed to get this error solved and forum working again 

Kind Regards

Not Solved
Smells like misconfiguration.

Check your Admin CP and make sure your forum's domain, cookies, and database ID points exactly as it's listed for your domain/SQL password. If you have all of those correct, contact your host provider to see if your MySQL needs further configuration or a shift between databases.
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Not Solved
Thanks Smile
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