Not Solved IPB3 > MYBB. Avatars not merging. Error
Not Solved
Hi all.  Brand new to MyBB.  Coming over from IPB 3.4.

ALmost got the merge to complete.  Had to make some tweaks along the way but got pretty lucky.  I got bogged down on AVATARS and MODERATORS (I will start a separate thread for MODS)

For avatars all was going fine then I got:

20 avatars are importing right now. There are 1,847 avatars left to import and 93 pages left.

Loading data from database...
Internal Error, uid not set
array(1) {
  string(1) "0"

Thank you in advance!
Not Solved
Hi, I have done the same merge, pause the merge and restart it. This action helps me to continue the import from IPB

Have you resolved with avatars?

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