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Thankyou MyBB System Problems
Hey guys.
I use this plugin since two years now:

I just Updated my MyBB forum from 1.8.17 to 1.8.21 and now the AJAX Function of the Thank you Button doesnt work anymore.
It now behaves like I had disabled AJAX.

I looked into the PHP code and it appears that the plugin first checks if I have AJAX enabled ($mybb->settings['use_xmlhttprequest'] == 1). Which I have.
If it is enabled it SHOULD use "do_action" for actions. If it is disabled it SHOULD use "direct_action" for actions.

The thing is: $mybb->settings['use_xmlhttprequest'] is definitely enabled and it still uses the direct_action approach, which is very annoying for my users because after every "thank you" the page reloads and jumps to a different position than the user was before.

What I've already tried:
- Setting $mybb->settings['use_xmlhttprequest'] to 0 or 1
- Deactivating and then activating the Plugin
- Changing the Line "if($mybb->settings['use_xmlhttprequest'] == 1)" to "if(1 == 1)"

Nothing of this seems to work. Any help?

Update: I checked further. So in the PHP File it chooses the correct path for the Button Implementation.

So the button is set to
$post['thanks'] = "<a id=\"add_thx{$post['pid']}\" href=\"showthread.php?action=thank&amp;tid={$post['tid']}&amp;pid={$post['pid']}\">
                        <div class=\"thx_buttons\" id=\"sp_{$post['pid']}\"><span class=\"gracias\"> {$lang->thx_button_add}</span></div></a>";
Just like before I updated the Forum.
So I think the Javascript is somehow broken.
The last version was outdated for now only the Premium version works into mybb 1.8.21 due several changes into the core files.

This version need to update into the js functions in all senses due all libraries was updated into this latest mybb release.

I will update it asap to make the free version works fine into last mybb but it will take some time to do right now, you can update to the premlum version or change to post rates it have a conversion script and all works fine. But for sure i will keept updated once i have the time todo.
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