Roleplay date system similar to Descriptions

I'm looking for a Plugin that is similar to the Description Plugin, but instead of just an empty input box, it would have settings dictated in the administration area, and selectable in the post section.

In Administration, one could set:
"number of days" (eg, 45)
"Number of Months" (eg, 7) and/or "Name of Months" (eg, "One", "Two" etc)
"Year" could be pre-listed such as the days, or able to be left as an empty input bar.

In the Post Thread page, there would be the:
Thread subject
Thread description
Thread Date -- wherein the Poster would select the date - choosing the day, (eg, 15 of 45), and the month (eg, 4 which would be appropriately named), with an open input where they could put the Year.

When the Thread is posted, the Date will show under the Thread Subject the same as the Thread Description (and be able to be edited to make it look pretty, of course Smile )

I wanted to try and make it myself, but I have no idea what to do and all the guides I found were quite old and wasn't sure if they would still be relevant.

Thank you for looking!
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