Not Solved [How To?] Parse custom mycode first
Not Solved
I noticed that there was a new "feature" introduced that broke all my MYCodes when I updated the Forum a few days ago.

Apparently Custom MyCode gets parsed after the Standard ones now.
The thing is we automatically embed Youtubelinks. So Members just have to post the Link to Youtube and then it gets Parsed to the Embedded Version.

With this new Update though, the Link first gets its "<a href" Tags from the Board, so now my MyCode can't read it anymore.

Someone knows where I have to move the Code to make it go the old way again?

Okay, so I somehow managed to Put the Video-Tag Mycode behind the Custom Mycode again in class_parser.php

But Somehow it still doesnt work.

Regex is:

Replacement is:

Before I put the Video Parser back after the Mycode it would at least transform to the Video-Tagged form without actually embedding, so you could see the tags in the Post and had a clickable link.
But now it just stays a clickable Link.

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