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Google GSuite won't allow link to
Hi, I'm a long-time MyBB user (thanks!)

I just migrated my company email to Google GSuite, and in following their recommendations, set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC, in order to be up to date with standards and security.

Everything tested perfectly fine, until I sent an email to a client with a link to

As soon as I did that, my outgoing email was blocked, with no reason given. I tried again, to a few different email addresses - all with the same result. Google was blocking any outgoing email with a link to

I got on a chat with Google GSuite support, who asked me to try sending various links including repeatedly, and they told me that links to trigger an outgoing spam filter. And now my company email domain is completely locked out for 24 hours and nobody at Google can understand why.

The explanation they gave me is that must have been flagged as "really bad"... which makes no sense to me. I got on screen sharing with the tech (Abraham, in New York), and showed him it was completely legitimate open-source software, widely used (arguably).

So, I'm not sure if the people who are in charge of managing MyBB reputation need to contact Google GSuite, to "clear their name", but I'd recommend it.

I really regret using GSuite now. I thought they would be pretty good at email, given their experience. What a disappointment.
I've never heard of this happening before; I just ran through a spam blacklist checker and they're all coming back as OK -

I'm also not aware of any other mail deliverability issues as presumably we'd have more widespread issues if the domain was blacklisted in some way.

What was the actual message you got, was it a message in Gmail or a bounceback email?
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Hi Matt, thanks for the reply.

No, it was a very generic "message blocked" error, blocked by GSuite outbound servers. I sent an email to my programmer, with a link to the home page. It got blocked right away, and I tried a few more times.

I actually got a Google technician on the phone (because I'm paying for GSuite email hosting) and after hours of testing, he told me "It's that link, is not 'an authenticated link'" ... I have that bit in writting. I then showed him the website (via screen sharing) and he said "yeah, I get it, but there's nothing I can do, our system doesn't like it."

That's it. I don't think it has anything to do with being a problem, I think that Google has tightened down their outgoing filters so much that basic normal links people send in email is getting blacklisted - and ruined my corporate email service. It's an algorithm problem, I guess. But I'm suggesting giving them feedback simply because they said MyBB is "not authenticated". I have all the transcripts.

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