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Live help on IRC
Hello there,

I'm often on IRC and I've created a channel for people who don't have discord (I haven't Smile).
You can reach it using any irc client: irc://irc.zeolia.net/mybb (server irc.zeolia.net - channel #mybb - ssl port 6697) or using the web interface:
If some people are interrested in having/giving help via this media, I'll keep the channel open and will probably develop some tools (announce of new threads from the forum, issues from github, last blog entry, ...)

kinds regards,
[MyBB 1.8 mods] - Offer me a coffee
Do not ask me help through PM
Note that there is also an official #mybb channel on the FreeNode IRC network. It doesn't have a great deal of activity, but I'm always idling in there along with a few others.

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