Plugin for the moderation of private messages
Hey guys,

I searched through the whole forum and can't find a plugin for the moderation of private messages.
I'm looking for a solution that allows me, as admin, to check every message from every user before its sending.
I'm really wondering that nobody made such a plugin.

Do you know any kind of plugin?

Kind regards,
If you don't trust your members, deactivate the PN system. Wink
That's not a good solution Big Grin

I want them to ask relevant questions in the topics and they shall write PNs when they have some things like the illness of the mother or a password for something Big Grin
This is totaly unethical!!! What is the word you don't understand in PRIVATE message ???
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Do not ask me help through PM
... anyway, Private Message Log plugin may be used !
We already have Private Message Log. There we also saw that many questions for the topics are lost. People ask the thread opener via PN.

Private message should be used for private topics in my eyes. If a public topic is lost via the PN, the community can no longer participate.

We do not mind if private topics are discussed by PM!

It is not unethical to moderate the private messages. Users also send SPAM with promotional links via PM. Our Forum is special in this case and needs special care.

Actually, I can not believe that so far no one had the desire to moderate PNs. PHPbb has a plugin for this case. So, it seems, more people wanted this and don't find it unethical.

Also, if you find this unethical, please delete your Whatsapp, your Skype, every flirt portal and so on.

But please, let us not discuss about principles. I asked an easy question.

How can i moderate PNs?
First, I haven't whatapps, skype, FB, twitter, or any social / flirting network.
I'm present on some forums and on my own IRC network, no more Smile

But I can't imagine any network nor forum where an admin will decide himself if a private discussion between two persons is authorized or not, based on the content of personnal messages.

If you want to fight against PM spam, create rules to forbid use of PM for new pple, and let pple report the spam they receive. Try Restrict PM Smile
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I developed a pm info plugin in the last couple hours....but I guess that isn't the right one for you.


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