[Services Offer] I make FREE icons for your forums
Hello there..
I will make icons for your forums for free
Just tell me
  • Color
  • Corner radius
  • Resolution
  • Your forums
You can check some of my icons at my forum.
Add my discord pewpew#6678 I might have a custom order for you.
Contacts with me by Skype or on my forum
Can you share some of your work examples ?
[Image: Q1DpAbk.png][Image: umIXwNr.png][Image: zp1y5rf.png][Image: qx3aMHM.png][Image: eaWUxyJ.png][Image: O2L4dLz.png][Image: Vf1FnHy.png][Image: AMjzTSG.png][Image: Z8YPJ3z.png][Image: j7i1DR8.png][Image: ChAhPhy.png][Image: w9yteQe.png][Image: sWmspQu.png][Image: NNcZGdC.png][Image: k3ryeYH.png][Image: az700dd.png][Image: 8HqLHDb.png][Image: JAxPzvC.png][Image: QKlFgHD.png]
Here are some icons i have made.

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