Not Solved Disable search for sub-forum/disable search results for sub-forum
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I searched over for it, could not find it. 
I have a forum with 1 main category, that category has 2 forums and 2-sub forums. Subforum A, subforum b.
I want subforum A and subforum B be excluded from search options or I want all the content of subforum A and subforum B be excluded from searching engine. I DONT WANT TO MAKE A FORUM PRIVATE/INVISIBLE! 

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IIRC, there's an setting for individual forum, which allows/disallows each usergroup to search that forum.
Could be wrong but worth a try.
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Yes, you can precisely define search options for forums and groups.

Go to edit your sub-forum, "Edit Forum Settings" and choose the Group you wish to "Set Custom Permissions". Then select the tab "Miscellaneous" and disable search option.

Do this for each of your sub-forum and every Group.

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