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So I know ive posted a thread earlier in the day, which i managed to fix with a clean installation of mybb_1821.

However, with this clean install, the only thing that i am having issues with are avatars. The default avatar works just fine. But whenever someone tries to upload their own avatar, it just shows this in profile link and this in user cp.

So far i cant find any other threads on this subject, other than one stating that default avatars were messing up, and that is not my issue at hand. 

here is tools&maintenance because i saw that someone had asked if everything was writable. 

I have already set up a test account, its a public test account, username: publicaccount password: asdfasdf

Thank you 

Not Solved
Could you provide a link to your forum? Or check what the avatar's image link is.
Could be wrong but worth a try.

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